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Dirty Dog Sunglasses

MATERIALS - Advanced composite materials inspire innovative design solutions for greater comfort and operable efficiency
WEIGHT - Moulded from superior light weight materials ideal for sports and comfort
DESIGN - Across the dynamics of work, leisure and sports, Dirty Dog eyewear is built for action even in the most extreme conditions 
LENSES - For high protection and exceptional comfort, Dirty Dog selects superior lens quality. Whether intended for daily use or specific activity, the lenses used for Dirty Dog Eyewear meet all sun protection needs
GLARE BLOCK - Polarised lenses eliminate glare and blinding reflections 
COLOUR CLARITY - Accurate colour for enhanced perception 
CONTRAST - Enhance the contrast and increase the visual acuity and perception in case of high brightness 
EYE COMFORT - The 4 UV filters reduce eye fatigue 
PROTECTION - Protection from harmful UVA, UVB and UVC rays 
STRENGTH - Dirty Dog Eyewear's advanced lens technology has created stronger lenses making them safer and less susceptible to damage